The work orders are managed in a way that makes them always traceable.

For every customer's quotation request, we run a preliminary technical assessment, check the feasibility, analyse the production process and study the tools application (we can carry out special orders with EWAG 11 SP * grinder, too). Then we fill machine loading tables, estimate the delivery and finally send out the detailed offer.

For each batch that has to be produced, we create a table called "ODL" ("Ordine Di Lavoro" - work order), in which all the necessary information is highlighted, such as: customer name, code, order, our offer, raw material certification number, CNC program number, production process sequence including all its in-house or external stages (e.g. galvanizing), CNC programming start time, piece unit time, production end time and dimensional table including critical dimensions checked. With a history of over 15 years of system application we guarantee a modern and effective method of verification and review of the contract.

For repeatable code orders, we propose warehouse management at our office with progressive delivery programs. This method has obtained and is obtaining a great success on the customer's side, since it allows to reduce costs and to solve production urgencies.

The company has been certified in 2006 by Isoquar Italia with certificate no. 4665/05 and is currently undergoing a quality system re-certification



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